All marine and reef tanks are supplied with RODI water. All filter media (carbon, phosphate remover). Dry and frozen food.

Fish tanks without filtration and regular maintenance can quickly become a hazardous environment. Fish tanks produce waste from excrement and respiration. Another source of waste is uneaten food or plants and fish which have died. These waste products collect in the tanks and contaminate the water. As the degree of contamination rises, the risk to the health of the aquaria increases and removal of the contamination becomes critical. Filtration is a common method used for maintenance of healthy aquaria.


We install and service outdoor ponds.

From winterization to spring clean-up, we have first rate service and a very competitive price.

When considering fish pond maintenance,  keeping the water clean is essential. Ponds are built and maintained for a variety of reasons which can include fishing, swimming, irrigation and more. We are experienced to handle the needs of all size ponds.